Fabulous ACNH Japanese Hot Spring Spa Room Design Ideas - Best Animal Crossing Bathroom Designs

9/15/2020 12:02:24 PM

Transform your entire house into a hot spring / public bath is the bravest option, which makes it easier to have smaller separate pieces, have ceiling and walls, and can hang ornaments on walls! This is a fabulous Japanese inspired spa room with great design ideas on hot springs, interior baths, bathroom ideas, furniture, clothing, and more. Every spa room needs plants and greenery, you can hang some plants on the wall, place the Cherry-Blossom Branches and Cherry-Blossom Pond Stone in the room to add some Japanese vibe. But before we add them, let's put down the Hot Spring and Deer Scare. To build up this Japanese Hot Spring room, you need to prepare Hot spring furniture, Japanese-style furniture & Fences, Animal Crossing Clothes that go well with hot springs, and other related ACNH theme packs. Then Enjoying your spa time!

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