ACNH Japan Inspired Retro Cottagecore House - Best Animal Crossing Room Design Ideas

9/21/2020 7:57:36 PM

It’s our recommended time for the best ACNH design again. If you are missing something or Bells to complete your design, don’t forget to go to Buy ACNH Items to save time and money, aslo we have cheap Animal Crossing NMT for sale here! In this video, we recommend this Animal Crossing New Horizons room design full of Japanese retro style. It can also be said that it is a cottagecore house full of oriental cultural characteristics. It is not difficult to build such a room, you just need to add appropriate Japanese style decorations or bamboo furniture like Light Futon, Bamboo Rug, Bamboo Flooring, Zen Cushion, and Shoji Screen, and match some retro items such as Pine Screen and Hearth. If you are showing a rural lifestyle that returns to the original nature, don't forget to add some agricultural or handicraft items such as Simple DIY Workbench and Bamboo Basket.


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