ACNH Mermaid Theme Room - Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Interior Design Ideas

10/25/2020 12:12:25 AM
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  • mermaid fishy dress
  • mermaid princess dress
  • mermaid flooring
  • mermaid shoes
  • mermaid wall
  • mermaid wall clock
  • mermaid bed
  • mermaid chair
  • mermaid closet
  • mermaid dresser
  • mermaid lamp
  • mermaid rug
  • mermaid screen
  • mermaid shelf
  • mermaid sofa
  • mermaid table
  • mermaid tiara
  • mermaid vanity

This is a cute mermaid room full of romance. The entire room uses a full set of mermaid items. To collect all the ACNH items in the Mermaid set, players will need to keep collecting Scallops and trading them to Pascal until they've collected them all. Also, you can easily buy the full Animal Crossing theme packs on AKRPG.COM. If you love cute and romantic design, then the Mermaid Room is definitely worth having. As long as you have all these items, you can use a simple layout to show the room in the video. 


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