Dreamlike Purple Bedroom in ACNH - Beautiful Animal Crossing New Horizons Interior Design

11/26/2020 5:51:19 PM

This design catches my eyes at first sight, even though it looks like it's not finished yet, there are also very few Animal Crossing items on display, only including a Cute Bed, Starry Wall, Purple Hyacinth Lamp, Purple Shaggy Rug, Purple Floor Light, Shell Arch, Crescent-moon Chair, etc., it's even a bit disorganized. However, the idea of the bedroom is great and the purple and blue look very beautiful. Base on this ACNH bedroom design, you can create a more fantastic house interior. More suitable items can be used such as Purple Hyacinth Wreath, Purple Nova Light, and more. Fast to buy Animal Crossing bells to get new items in the game.  

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