ACNH Powder Room Ideas - Stylish Bathroom Design With Mermaid Furniture Items

12/20/2020 1:03:47 PM
Total: 0.39 USD

This is a special stylish bathroom & powder room in ACNH decorated with Mermaid-themed furniture items which are all for sale on AKRPG at competitive prices. We've got the Mermaid Chair, Mermaid Dresser, Mermaid Shelf, Mermaid Table, Mermaid shelf on the corner and the Mermaid lamp is really beautiful and mysterious. If it weren't for a Claw-foot Tub here, you can't imagine that it's also a bathroom! Enjoy bathing and relaxing your body in such a beautiful room can't be more amazing! The flower-print wall in this room is also very special. Hope you like this ACNH bath & powder room design and create your dream bathroom in ACNH!


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