ACNH Golden Egyptian Pyramid Tomb Room - Animal Crossing Egyptian Themed Ideas

12/22/2020 12:15:10 AM

This is an amazing Egyptian Themed Tomb Room design. If you love the mystery of the Egyptian pyramids and want to have such a golden pharaoh tomb on your island, it is very simple, just collect a series of ancient items and golden set furniture. The Pyramid furniture item can be obtained in Animal Crossing: New Horizons by mail from Gulliver. The Pyramid Tile can be obtained from Saharah for 3000 ACNH Bells or 5 Saharah Tickets. While the golden set item such as the Golden Casket, Golden Seat, and Golden Wall can be obtained from crafting with gold nuggets. Getting these golden ancient objects set items is not easy, you will have to collect a lot of very rare DIY recipes, gold nuggets, and other materials. But you can easily buy them from AKRPG.COM, or if you want to collect the DIY materials by yourself, you can get cheap Nook Miles Tickets from us for flying to mystery island. 

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