ACNH Kid's Room Design Ideas - Children Room Decorating In Animal Crossing New Horizons

12/24/2020 6:54:25 PM

What did your room look like when you were a kid? Do you want to bring back childhood memories at once? Animal Crossing New Horizons could give you a chance! AC players can decorate the rooms randomly, you can create a kid's room you like by gathering cheap and beautiful Animal Crossing items. In this beautifully designed kid's room ACNH in the video, the perfect balance of practicality and creativity has been achieved and will easily appeal to parents and children alike. We added some cute-themed furniture items ACNH, Cute Sofa, Cute Wardrobe, Cute Chair, Cute Tea Table, Cute Diy Table and Cute Vanity. They were disguised by splashes of color that would make any room look like a three-dimensional Picasso! We put some toys on the floor, a big Papa Bear was on the corner, and there was a Baby Panda next to it. The Wooden Simple Bed is really suitable for kids. Put a blanket in the middle of the room so that children can play with toys on the floor. Does this ACNH kid's room design attract you? Do you like it?


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