Open ACNH Master Bedroom & Bathroom Design - All In One Bedroom & Bathroom Ideas In Animal Crossing

5/8/2021 5:09:03 PM

Looking to create a modern bedroom-bathroom combination in Animal Crossing New Horizons but don't know where to start? Take a look at this stunning ACNH open bedroom and bathroom with great design and wonderful inspiration!

This ACNH open bedroom bathroom contains a freestanding bathtub that can be covered by Simple Panels when in use. When not in use, that area can be exposed to make the room look bigger. There is also a sink next to it. Aside from the open concept idea, this is a very well-designed room, the ACNH furniture items are the same colors, brown Antique Wardrobe, brown Antique Mini Table, Wooden End Table, brown Antique Bed, and brown Rattan Armchair. The Claw-foot bathtub matches the white sheets of the bed, tying the whole room together.

Hope this video brings you some inspiration on creating your own all in one bedroom & bathroom in Animal Crossing New Horizons! 


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