ACNH Dreamy & Starry Aquarium - Best Interior Design Ideas In Animal Crossing New Horizons

7/9/2021 10:05:54 AM

Not designed an aquarium in Animal Crossing New Horizons? No problem. If your ACNH house doesn't have any leftover real estate to convert into an Aquarium, design your formal bedroom to serve double duty as a fantastic aquarium. This video presents us with the most creative Animal Crossing room design ideas that transfer a normal bedroom into a starry aquarium. Strategically choose ACNH furniture with texture and Starry Wall and floor, that is both homey and dreamy.  Ironwood Cupboard, Antique Mini Table, Rattan Bed were placed in the corner where is a living space, on the other side where is placed Den Desk to work and a fireplace to keep you warm. Under the beautiful starry wallpaper, Moon jellyfish and other critters are extremely beautiful, Rocket Lamp can also blend in well in this dreamy ACNH aquarium interior design. If you are fascinated by this beautiful Animal Crossing house design, an ACNH nook mile ticket could take you on a tour!


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