ACNH Student Dormitory (Children Room) Ideas | Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Room Designs

9/13/2021 11:54:35 AM

If you are a young student and want to replicate your dormitory or bedroom in your Animal Crossing New Horizons house, this student room will bring you inspiration. The creator used natural wood-themed furniture such as Light Wooden Wardrobe, Natural Loft Bed With Desk, Wooden Chest, Writing Desk, and Pine-board Flooring. This light-colored log-style furniture makes the whole room full of a cozy vibe. The laptop on the desk, the stack of books on the flooring, the microscope on the chest, the globe on the closet, and the easel with Van Gogh’s Sunflowers all add a lot of interesting and vivid details to this studying space. The whole room looks very harmonious and full of relaxing decorations expected of a student dormitory.


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