ACNH Space & Galaxy Themed Design Ideas - Outer Space House Dream Tour Animal Crossing

10/8/2021 5:22:03 PM

Have you ever had the dream of an astronaut? Want to travel in space? ACNH can satisfy you all. You can own a space & galaxy room in ACNH island, full of your design ideas. But if you have any space & nasa and look for inspiration, We take you to an outer space house dream tour in ACNH. Here are some nasa t hings and other space stuff, we show you how to decorate your space room with cheap ACNH items

This is a space themed, galaxy themed, celestial themed room design. The Starry-sky Wall is so romantic and dreamy, the floor is covered by moon rug and Earth rug. Throwback Rocket of various colors are placed in the corner of the room, as well as the Space Shuttle and Rocket. There are space mobiles hanged on the wall, Robot Hero and tin robot are so handsame and spectacular.

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