ACNH Fall Halloween Spooky Room Design | Best Animal Crossing House Ideas

10/25/2021 5:20:57 PM

In the golden autumn of the harvest, it is the time to celebrate the Pumpkin Festival. Don't forget to dress up your Animal Crossing New Horizons house in spooky style to enjoy the festive atmosphere. Here we share a room that is fully integrated with autumn and Halloween elements. It uses the unique brown color that belongs to this season. Although the light is dim, it creates a unique creepy style. Players used black Wooden set furniture and added a variety of pumpkins and spooky theme decorations such as bedspreads and pillows with spooky pumpkin custom pattern, the skeleton at the door, the Spooky trick lamp, and the Spooky trick lamp on the Wooden Wardrobe. Marigold Decoration on Wooden Chest. And the decoration of some green plants (such as the Mini-cactus Set) brings vitality to the room.


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