ACNH Sakura-Wood Bedroom & Kitchen Room Design - Cute Pink Interior Ideas For Girls & Kids

11/20/2021 5:26:13 PM

Do you have a girlish heart? Do you have a princess dream? Do you want to live under the pink tender roof every day? Then this ACNH Sakura-themed bedroom & kitchen design can inspire you on desining a cute pink home interior.

The kitchen and the bedroom are separated, the whole space is pink painted, the Sakura-wood Flooring and Sakura-wood Wall contrast the atmosphere of the entire room, making people feel comfortable and happy. Add some cute furniture items to make the house functional: Floor Lamp, Wooden Wardrob, Cherry-blossom Bonsai, Cute Music Player, kid's/girl's bed, customized chair and sofa, as well as the dining table and chair. 


Guess you ask