ACNH Lovely And Cute Bedroom Ideas For 2022 - Add More Life To Your Room In Animal Crossing

12/25/2021 5:53:54 PM

2021 is coming to an end, have you owned a perfect interior in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Have you missed some nice designs? Don't worry, you can pick it up in 2022! Here, we showcase the best ACNH lovely and cute bedroom ideas for 2022, bringing you inspiration to add life to your interior in Animal  Crossing New Horizons.

The bedroom is themed in purple and sky blue, containing cheap ACNH cute-themed furniture items. The sky blue Cute Bed, sky blue Cute Floor Lamp, Cute Sofa, Cute Tea Table, and light blue Old-fashioned Alarm Clock. The Purple Desert-tile Wall corresponds to the purple floor. So the whole room looks romantic, cute and comfortable.


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