Antique ACNH Piano Room Design - Create A Music Room In Animal Crossing

2/3/2022 12:00:00 AM

Do you have dreams of being a musician? Have you ever imagined that you can have your own music world, away from the bustling and noisy city? And play your favorite tune and enjoy this beautiful life quietly? Playing the violin, the piano or even the lute? ACNH has you covered. Visit this ACNH European Piano Room Design to get some inspiration to create your own music room!

Place the Grand Piano on the center of the room, a Fancy Violin on the corner, and there is a Antique Clock in front of the room, add an Antique Mini Table to put some accessories. The Palace Wall and Palace Tile look so European style. The smell of music is everywhere. For more room designs please head over to akrpg ACNH room designs page


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