ACNH Sci-fi Theme Design Ideas - Making a Spaceship Lounge in Animal Crossing

3/18/2022 5:27:22 PM

The fantastic blue from the universe presents mystery and magic. In the collection of ACNH 2.0 items, there is a set of Sci-fi theme items introduced to the game, which allows players to create a more realistic spaceship lounge or science-fiction design. You can also add these items to your space-themed room, including Sci-fi Wall, Sci-fi Flooring, Cold Sleep Pod, Crew Member's Seat, Spaceship Control Panel, Strategic Meeting Table, Robot Arm, etc. They also have other color variations, you can build a totally cool red sci-fi space. In this video, we have another room idea that is floral, purple flowers, and furniture makes the room vibrant. 


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