Perfect ACNH Laundry Shop Room Design | Best Animal Crossing Business Area Ideas

4/26/2022 8:07:07 PM

Want to perfectly recreate real-life everyday business areas on your Animal Crossing New Horizons island? Then this fun laundry room can give you good inspiration, and what's more, you can create it in any room or basement of your house with too much energy and bells on your lunch break. or this you’ll surely need tons of Deluxe Washer to fill up the store. Then cover the room with a refreshing blue-white tone like Deluxe Washers have been arranged in blue and white at either end of the room, Blue Tile Wall echoes Blue Rubber Flooring. You also need to create a resting area with some simple furniture (Folding Chair, Low folding table) for the guests waiting for the laundry to finish. What’s more, don’t add some lovely details with plants and the Drink Machine.


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