Top 3 Creative ACNH Room Ideas (European Kitchen, Luxury Spa, Tropical Resort)

5/30/2024 2:25:28 PM

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island, your home can become a canvas for creativity. Here are three meticulously crafted room design ideas that can transform your space into a stunning visual retreat:

1. Tropical Beach Resort House

Immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance of a tropical beach resort. This room design channels the serene spirit of the seaside with the Tropical Vista wallpaper, which gives the illusion of an endless ocean view. The flooring is laid with Brown Floral Flooring, complementing the beach theme with its sandy tones. Essential to this beachy paradise is the Shell Bed, making it feel as if you're sleeping by the sea. The room is decorated with iconic resort items such as a colorful Surfboard, a Shell Speaker that emits coastal sounds, a Life Ring, and a Palm-tree Lamp that casts soft, dappled light, resembling moonlight through palm leaves. This setup not only captures the essence of a beach holiday but also serves as a perfect getaway within your island home.

2. Luxurious Hot Spring Room

Step into the tranquility of a Luxurious Japanese Hot Spring Room, designed with an exquisite blend of traditional and opulent elements. The walls are adorned with a Red Delicate-blooms Wall which pairs beautifully with the Red Kilim-style Carpet, laid atop Dark Herringbone Flooring for a rich textural contrast. The room features a lavish red Moroccan sofa that enhances the oriental architectural aesthetic, making the space feel regal. Gold accents are strategically placed around the room to complement the deep reds, with a striking Golden Bathtub positioned centrally for an eye-catching effect. Additional golden elements include a Golden Garden Bunny, a Golden Toilet, and a Gold Elegant Mirror. A luxurious Chandelier hangs above, casting a warm glow that highlights the golden accents and completes the opulent hot spring experience.

3. European White Kitchen

Discover the charm of a European-style kitchen with this fully functional and beautifully detailed design. The room showcases two different types of white rugs— a Lacy Rug and a Turkey Day Rug—on Dark Herringbone Flooring, effectively dividing the space into an open cooking area and a cozy dining area. This kitchen is equipped with an array of sophisticated furniture and appliances including a Kitchen Island, Stonework Kitchen, Ranch Kitchen, and an Open-frame Kitchen. A Double-door Refrigerator, Iron Shelf, and Water Cooler enhance the functionality, while the white color scheme seamlessly blends with the brown wood accents of the flooring and walls. Detailing is meticulous with culinary delights like a Birthday Cake and Dishes set on the dining table, and a Dango and Camp Stove, Mixer, and Stovetop Espresso Maker arranged on the Kitchen Island. This design not only maximizes the aesthetic appeal but also creates an inviting space that would inspire any chef. Each of these room designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers a unique blend of style, comfort, and imagination, making your island home a true paradise tailored to your tastes.

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