Luxury ACNH Hotel Room Ideas (Relaxing Spa & High-Class Dining Room)

6/18/2024 2:23:26 PM

This video shows some inspiration and ideas for building a hotel in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The first one is an elegant and relaxing interior spa where you can feel a sense of calm wash over you when you walk into the room. White ceramic tiles gleam under the lighting, and in the center sits two gleaming square bathtubs next to each other, decorated with relaxing candles. In addition, there is a bed with a soft mattress waiting for guests who have finished bathing to rest. The dining area invites views of the outside. A chic Wedding Table gleams under pendant lights. Fine bone china and sparkling crystal glassware await the arrival of gourmet cuisine from the hotel's acclaimed chef. Luxury and relaxation can reach their peak in this sanctuary within the sprawling resort. 

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