ACNH Ironwood Style Designs | Animal Crossing Best Teak Bedroom Ideas 2024

6/26/2024 4:43:12 PM

This room design exudes a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The sparse green floor tiles, the pink washing machine, and the soft furniture arrangement make people feel happy and comfortable. The indigo lounge chair and colorful sofa cushions add cheerful and lively colors to the room. The presence of potted plants reminds people of the green nature. This room creates a warm atmosphere of a home with its simple and friendly design, allowing players to feel the warmth of a real home in the world of Animal Crossing.

About Ironwood Kitchenette|Teak & Ironwood Diy Workbench|Teak

The Ironwood Kitchenette and DIY Workbench add polished wooden and metallic accents that give spaces an upgraded, handcrafted aesthetic. They're great for anyone wanting to enhance cooking or crafting areas in their Animal Crossing: New Horizons home.

Ironwood Kitchenette

- A stylish kitchen island with wood grain detailing and metal accents.  

- Features a chopping board top, pot rack, and mini fridge cabinets perfect for food preparation.

- Requires the Ironwood Dresser and Cutting Board DIY recipes to craft.

- Adds a nice rustic-modern touch to any kitchen or cooking space in your home.

Ironwood DIY Workbench

- A worktable topped with tools and gadgets for crafting DIY projects.

- Crafted from sturdy ironwood with a small stool and tool shelf integrated into the design.

- Perfect for setting up a workshop area to craft furniture, tools, and other items.

- Allows you to craft other Ironwood series items without having to carry materials back and forth.

- Adds functionality and industrial charm to a games room, backyard workshop, or basement area.

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