ACNH Wooden Interior Design Ideas - Open Kitchen Living Room & Bedroom

7/2/2024 10:56:04 AM

With some creative designing, you can have an efficiently organized living space that combines your kitchen, living room and small bedroom all in one open room on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Decorated with cheap ACNH items for sale at AKRPG.COM.

The star item for this cozy wooden interior is the System Kitchen in navy blue to serve as the kitchen counter and storage space. An L-shaped brown sofa faces the TV and living area. A dark wooden Low Table sits in front of it for beverages or decor. While a matching End Table provides extra surface beside the sofa. At the back of the room is a simple Dark Wooden Bed with a Blue quilted bedspread for restful nights. Softening the space is a floor Cypress Plant and Arched-window Wallpaper bringing the outdoors inside. An open concept Dark Wooden Chest beside the bed adds concealed storage. The dark stained wood provides a rustic yet sophisticated look flowing cohesively throughout the single open space. This interior blends the necessities of daily life into one efficient room with a calming natural aesthetic. Whether hanging out cooking and watching TV or sleeping, every activity can happen comfortably together in one cozy wooden sanctuary.

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