Snow Gleams White Island Design In Animal Crossing New Horizons

8/31/2020 3:35:50 PM

This is an island design with snow gleams white. We can feel the cold atmosphere of winter and appreciate the beautiful snow scene. Cherry Trees, Peach Trees, Apple Trees, Pear Trees, Flowers, Iron-and-stone Fence, Bridges, Streetlamps, the ground, stairs and the roofs are all covered with snow. Walking on the path can leave snow marks. These ACNH items build a cold winter vibe. Despite the cold weather, the flowers are still blooming beautifully. A pink Teddy Bear just sit at the door, a Sideways Pirate Barrel has been placed at the door as a decoration, walk through the bridge, there is a Pirate-Ship Cannon, Cherry-blossom Branches and more decorations for shiny this island. 

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