How To Buy & Trade Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells & Items On Akrpg.Com?

  • 1. Open

  • 2. Choose the server you are playing on

  • 3. Select the quantity of Animal Crossing Bells you want to buy then click Check Out

  • 4. Fill up your correct contact info (for emergency contact) and coupon to get discount (if you have one)

  • 5. Fill up your 100% correct “Dodo Code” for instant delivery

  • 6. Complete payment with your favorite methods

  • 7. We confirm your order instantly, and payment verification

  • 8. Arrange delivery instantly once received and verified your payment

What Kind of Best Offers For Animal Crossing Trading You Can Get On Akrpg.Com?

  • - Member Discount: All registered clients can get big Member Discount for buying ACNH Bells/Nook Miles Tickets/Items.

  • - Coupons: We offer Coupon “AKRPG” to every customer, and bigger discount coupon will be given out during holiday.

  • - Giveaways: Numerous gifts and rewards such as free ACHN bells for the clients who join our activities and special events. 

  • - Follow Us On Facebook/Twitter/Youtube: Follow us on our social networks, we'll send you alerts about our promotions, discounts, giveaways, rewards of free Animal Crossing items/bells and coupons, news headlines, etc.

How To Deliver Your Animal Crossing Bells & Items?

  • 1. Access Dodo Airlines. Visit NPC, Choose "I want visitors."Will get Code.

  • 2. Don't stand bridgehead, We can't Enter.

  • 3. If buy bells, We will deliver Gold Nuggets, please sell to Timmy (NPC) get Bells.

  • 4. If you leave or sleep, keep online, We will visit your island in order.

How Long Will Your Animal Crossing Bells & Items Be Delivered?

We deliver ACNH Bells and Items instantly after confirming your payment, it will take about 5-10 minutes to complete delivery for 98% orders. If we are out stock, 0-12 hours we promised!

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