Original themed Island Design with ACNH Statues Items – AKRPG

8/31/2020 4:30:15 PM

This is an island with original themed design . Because a lot of statues are used in various parts of the island. For example, after passing the stone arch, you can see the Moai Statue surrounded by railings on the left, and Pyramid on the right. There is also a huge Gallant Statue hidden in the rose garden. In addition, there is a very large game hall, which has game consoles, billiards, foosball table, dartboard, table tennis and so on. Of course, there is Beautiful Statue next to it. On the way to the open-air library, there are original style items Capricorn Ornament, Taurus Bathtub, Aquarius Urn and Nova Lights on both sides of the tree. The last is the open-air library, which is high-end and comfortable. Buy cheap ACNH statue items bulit an original themed island.

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