Bamboo Themed Island Deisgn - Environment Protection ACNH Island Design Ideas

9/9/2020 6:32:08 PM

Tired of colorful world and want to create an island that looks really fresh and environment protection? Take a look at this bamboo themed ACNH island design. From inside to outside, there is a fresh breath, such an island makes your eyes feel comfortable. Add some decorations to make the island more perfect. There is a Bamboo themed rest area decorated with Bamboo Trees, Bamboo Partition, Bamboo Chairs, Bamboo Floor Lamp, Bamboo Speaker, Bamboo-shoot Lamp. You can enjoy the beauty of nature comfortably. Come across the river and path, there is Iron-and-stone Fence, Able Sisters Shop, and you will see there are lots of ACNH clothing for sale placed on the door.

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