ACNH 5-Star Spooky Island Design - How To Decorate Your Island For Halloween Event

10/28/2020 7:01:43 PM

Halloween Event has arrived in Animal Crossing New Horizons. If haven't gotten any good ideas for decorating your island for Halloween, take a look at this video showcasing a 5-star spooky island and you will get inspired! This island is decorated with pumpkin set furniture and creepy items - spooky lanterns, spooky towers, Natural Garden Chair and Tree's Bounty Arch. You can enjoy food beside the Barbecue stand, drink a cup of tea in the rest area. Buy some candles to match with the pumpkin lanterns and light up your island. If you do like to take a tour of some amazing Halloween theme island, you can use your ACNH NMT to visit our spooky island. 

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