Tropical Resort Island Tour (Outdoor Bar, Cafe, Swimming Pool) - Best ACNH Design Ideas

12/21/2020 12:59:05 PM

This is a tropical-style resort island with multiple outdoor leisure areas such as swimming pools, bars, and cafes, and retains its natural beauty through waterfalls, rivers, and terrain transformations. There's no intricate design, but it's intricate detail, with petals and brick-and-mortar roads lined with flowers and trees, and small rest areas under double-decker waterfalls. The island's most distinctive design is the outdoor bar, which is very stylish and creative. The creators used custom design to design a colored wine rack filled with bottles and placed several game consoles in the bar for entertainment. If you like the design but can't get started because of a lack of suitable Animal Crossing furniture and decorations, go to AKRPG.COM.


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