ACNH 5-Star Japanese Town (Street, Boxing Ring, Library, Cafe, Bar) - Animal Crossing Island Designs

2/1/2021 8:07:45 PM

This is an amazing 5-star Japanese inspired island in Animal Crossing New Horizons, which features a grand skyline, wide Japanese streets, outdoor boxing ring, comfortable library (bookstore), large outdoor playroom, coffee tube, public swimming pool, and much more. The creator used Zen Fence has created a number of leisure areas with characteristics of Japanese towns. No matter where you are, you can find unique beauty, such as the art and cultural ACNH decorations in the open-air library are cleverly arranged; and in the lounge, various games and entertainment facilities (such as Billiard Table, Dartboard, Football Table, Tennis Table) are used. Anyway, if you love the beautiful scenery of Japanese cities, this design can bring you inspiration.

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