ACNH 5-Star Forest Cottagecore Dream Tour - Best Animal Crossing Island Design Tips & Ticks

2/4/2021 5:47:55 PM

If you are into fairy tales, why not make a beautiful forest cottagecore island in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Be the princess and knight of your own kingdom! This video shares tips and tricks on how to build a 5-star ACNH rustic cottagecore island. First, we walk through the idyllic residential area where planted Hyacinth, cosmos plant and pink-lily plant. Meanwhile, it supplies with Hyacinth Lamp and Mush Lamp in order to chase away the darkness. Cross the river, here we are at a rustic forest cottagecore front door, add Log Chair and Garden Bench where you can sit, read and rest after chores. Overall the ACNH cottagecore island filled with log fence and wood-themed ACNH items which perfectly fits the fairy tale vibe.

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