Amazing Amusement Park & 5 Star Japanese Cherry Blossom Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons

2/20/2021 5:52:48 PM

This is an amazing ACNH island idea and exciting amusement park, take a tour on the 5-star island, you can find Bicycle Helmet, Skateboarding Helmet and Mountain Bike in different colors in the sports area, Pinball Machine, Arcade Combat Game, Arcade Fighting Game, Arcade Mahjong Game and Billiard Table in the game area, walk along the path, you can see lots custom fruit stalls, there are also well-constructed modern streets, Cherry-blossom Branches, Cherry-blossom-petal Pile, Bamboo Bench, custom stalls, simple panels create a Japanese style street. There is also a romantic garden with yellow, pink, blue, purple, green and orange Crescent-moon Chair and colorful flowers. Next to the garden, the dining area is very beautiful with a variety of toys, cakes, Bunny Day ACNH items and more decoration. Buy cheap Animal Crossing NMT to visit other islands. 

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