ACNH Winter Island & Path Design - Best Island Design Ideas In Animal Crossing

3/12/2021 7:05:22 PM

Though winter is gone, we can still build a holiday winter island in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This video showcases the best ACNH winter island and winter path design ideas. At the beginning of this ACNH winter design island tour, beautiful snow covers everywhere.  In the center of the island, where flowers and trees were laid on the ground, and snow only covered the tiny areas only. The Animal Crossing winter path was perfectly cleaned up in order to keep safe during walking. Besides, placed ACNH items nova light, pink balloon, Tall Lantern, Garden Lantern, Lucky Gold Cat to decorate this island. At last, you will end up at a cute Animal Crossing winter house design, place snowflake doorplate which is a symbol of winter! Go to for more holiday winter ACNH island design ideas as well as winter path design ideas.

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