Egypt Style ACNH Museum Entrance Design - Mysterious Museum Exterior Ideas | Spring Island Tour

4/9/2021 4:28:38 PM

Want to customize your ACNH museum surroundings on the outside but have no inspiration to make the best of your museum outdoor space? Take a look at this video showcasing the best ACNH museum entrance design ideas, including the main entrance & galleries to this museum project. 

Use the Gallant Statue in the front, and skulls of the fossils to put out in the right since these look the coolest. Showing galleries art, some historical paintings, clothing, suits and placing some chairs, tables so maybe we can sit and get inspiration to draw in front of the museum. Showing off a tailor a random wing of a dinosaur isn't nearly as impressive. Go along the right side of the museum´╝î there are King Tut masks, the customized flooring engraved with ancient Egyptian characters looks really mysterious. Going down the stairs, there is Pyramid, Sphinx, all symbolize Egypt theme. The terraforming outside the museum is really great and there is a pleasant scene as it's still Spring now. Flowers are blooming everywhere, it couldn't be better to pave a stone path in this museum exterior. All the AC items we mentioned are available on AKRPG.

This Animal Crossing museum entrance design is both historical whilst utilizing the latest exhibition eco-technologies. How do you like it? Hope you are inspired and build your own perfect museum entrance in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

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