ACNH Natural Cottagecore Rural Island (Japanese Bamboo Garden, Hot Spring, Sawmill) - Animal Crossing Island Ideas

4/12/2021 8:04:50 PM

Take a tour to the 5-Star Natural Overgrown Forstcore Village Island with mixed Japanese themes and cottagecore vibe, discover the amazing Animal Crossing New Horizons island design ideas! This natural overgrown forest island has very natural rural scenery, with a winding river passing through the island full of trees and trees. And the most attractive static electricity on the island is undoubtedly the rustic resting area surrounded with Country Fence which can work for picnic or farm workbeach and the bamboo garden created with bamboo items (Bamboo Partition, Bamboo Speaker, Bamboo Lattice Fence, Bamboo Stool, Bamboo Sphere and more). In addition, the beautiful residential area on the island can also bring you different inspirations. 

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