Flashy ACNH Crescent-moon & Star Garden Design - Best 5-Star Spring Island Courtyard Design Ideas

4/23/2021 5:07:38 PM
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The video is going to show you flashy ACNH Crescent-moon & star garden design ideas and best 5-star Spring island courtyard design ideas to build the best island outdoor courtyard. 

The Crescent-moon chairs (one of the hottest ACNH items used for designing island exterior) to your favorite color and then scatter star fragments and feathers everywhere. The street lights are pumpkin shape along with the pumpkin carts. The colorful floor lights are making the garden area stunning at night, and the blooming flowers on both sides represent the breath of spring. It is not only could be a stargazing garden, but also a nice place to hold a birthday party.

Hope the ACNH Crescent-moon & star garden design give you some inspiration on designing your own Spring island outdoor courtyard! 

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