Clean ACNH Urban Island Tour - Animal Crossing Modern City & Town

3/28/2024 3:25:02 PM

In the series of Animal Crossing New Horizons island tours, we are going to introduce an urban town that seamlessly blends modern design elements with the game's charm. Maybe you will be captivated by this unique island tour, where concrete meets nature in a harmonious symphony. Speaking of the outside design of this ACNH urban island, villager houses are surrounded by completely constructed modern streets and paths in black and white, and colorful houses are arranged in a row. Each abode is a testament to minimalist design, with clean lines, geometric shapes, and bold color palettes. When you are entering the houses, interior designs showcase a fusion of functionality and aesthetic appeal, various decorations present different themes with realistic Animal Crossing items. Sleek kitchens boast state-of-the-art appliances, while bedrooms feature beautiful star-theme wallpapers and homochromatic furniture pieces.

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