Unique Residential & Outdoor Area - Unique ACNH Island Design | AKRPG

8/26/2020 3:37:00 PM

Taking a look at this ACNH island unique design,with residential area and outdoor diner area, open-air library. Especially the residential area, puts so much efforts in designing. Cause each of resident's house has totally different style. If you don't have any idea about designing the residential area. Please check this video or more Animal Crosing New Horizons island design ideas at AKRPG. The Out door diner are decorated with ACNH items like Stone Stool, Stone Table, Barbecue, Fireplace. Coconut juice is provided by the beach, and several surfboards.The open-air library, sofas and chairs for reading on both sides. The residential area desined very creatively, each of them has it's own feature. For example, in front of the door has cute picnic area with cute cushions, on the table served cakes, milk and sugar. One has a retro white swing on the left and waterfall on the right.  One it's courtyard has even sand !!

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