Dreamy Ice Cream & Macaron ACNH Island - Best Neverland Design With Cutest Items

9/2/2020 2:54:56 PM

Ice Cream & Macaron Neverisland: This is definitely the cutest island in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Everything is decorated with the most adorable items in ACNH. And the color scheme inside is like ice cream and macarons. This dreamy color is all over the island . If you want to build an Ice cream & Macaron Neverland, the indispensable ACNH items are Balloons, Dolly, Bunny Day Items, Mermaid Items, even the floor is full of various floral or cute cartoon stickers, Soft -serve Lamp, various Fruit Chairs. Cute Tea Table, Shell Partition and Crescent-moon Chair ect . Anyway, in akrpg if you see any cute ACNH items, don't hesitate just buy it. Join our Ice cream & Macaron Neverland!

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