5-Star ACNH Island With Great Library, Bus Stop, Shop Street, Hot Spring Park & Cafe Design Ideas

9/2/2020 6:06:26 PM

Here is a stunning 5-star Animal Crossing New Horizons Island, with some amazing design ideas featuring an outdoor library, entrance, market street, hot spring parks, waterfall transform and more. The entrance of the island uses Stone Arch, Stone Lion-dog, Tall Lantern, and Fountain form a small stone park with oriental characteristics, of course, you also add some other ACNH theme packs such as a bamboo forest. Then you will enter an open-air library, where you can pick up a book and choose a comfortable location to enjoy reading. Going further is the Bus Stop. You can sit on a bench and wait for the bus or buy drinks and food from the vending machine. The whole shopping street is full of snacks and desserts. You can go to the hot spring park in the residential area to enjoy the beautiful time of autumn.

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