Shining Island Outdoor Area Design Ideas, Palm-tree Lamps, Rocket Lamps & More - Walking On A Romantic Night

9/3/2020 5:55:25 PM

How to make your house exterior shiner at night in Animal Crossing New Horizons island? Yes, add more lamps & lights! Take a look at the video showcasing the shining island outdoor area design ideas. Under the illumination of light, the town is more beautiful and romantic. Various lamps include Palm-tree Lamps, Rocket Lamps, Bamboo-shoot Lamps, Streetlamps, Garden Lanterns. There is also a dining area that you can have a romantic dinner with your villagers. There are some ice blue frozen buildings & furniture items displayed on the stone path, Frozen Partition, Frozen Sculpture, Frozen Counter, Frozen Tree, Frozen Arch, Frozen Chairs, Frozen Table, such a sight makes people feel cool! There are also Transformer toys displayed on the park near the Teacup Ride. Do you like this outdoor design? Want to buy the furniture items to create the beautiful house exterior?

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