ACNH Spirited Away Theme Island - Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Design Ideas

10/15/2020 7:34:28 PM

Do you also love the unparalleled and otherworldly architecture in Spirited Away? With the unlimited creativity in Animal Crossing New Horizons island designs, you can recreate Spirited Away in its entirety on your island, by using the Custom Design tool to create patterns for turning into background pieces, costumes, stand-ins for characters, and also modeled certain areas after locations in the film with standard ACNH furniture and items from the game to craft the scenes. In this video, we only show a part of the island - the Spirited Away inspired spa rooms, which is built up with Imperial Fence, Shoji Screen, Kimono Stand, Outdoor Bath, Pagoda, Laundry bucket, Cushions, and more Japanese theme items. You can craft scenes that perfectly merge the otherworldly setting fit into the bright and cheery world of Animal Crossing. If you want to visit more great islands, buy cheap nook miles tickets to start your trip now!

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