ACNH Japanese Town With Restaurant, Outdoor Library, Playground and Shops - Best ACNH Island Design Ideas

10/26/2020 2:11:26 PM

If you also want to create a traditional Japanese town in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Come and check this tutorial real quick, you can get a lot of great ideas from this gorgeous Japanese style Animal Crossing Island.  With the old-fashioned restaurant, outdoor library, basketball playground,  business shops for fortune teller, sushi, tea, juice, coffee, snack machine and snack machine.  What's more, decorate ACNH Japanese-themed items for outdoor like Elaborate Kimono Stand, Imperial Dining Table, Screen, Bamboo Doll, Paper Lantern and more. This fantastic Japanese inspired Animal Crossing town design ideas is to make the visitors feel the hospitality, great Japanese food and interesting Japanese culture. You only need one ACNH NMT to visit this great Japan island. 

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