Halloween Theme Animal Crossing Island Tour(Entrance, Dining Area, Gaming Playground) - Best ACNH Island Designs Ideas

10/30/2020 11:11:15 AM

New Halloween Event has arrived in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Come and enjoy take a tour to this fantastic Halloween themed island through the dream pumpkin world.  The spooky entrance decorated with ACNH Halloween items spooky arch, spooky carriage, spooky lantern set, spooky scarecrow and spooky tower. As for the dining area on this island seems a little bit creepy and lonely. Compare to the outdoor diner, the dreamy gaming playground is lit! Create a candy island design by placing Palm-tree Lamp, Soft-serve Lamp, Shell Lamp, Floor Light. Buy Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets have a tour of this great Halloween town. 

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