ACNH Halloween Spooky Island - Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Design Ideas

10/28/2020 6:17:11 PM

Halloween is here, it is a good time to decorate your ACNH island or house with creepy and spooky themes, you can easily get ACNH Halloween themed items on AKRPG. If you’ve not gotten any good ideas for building up your island for Halloween, check out this video, you will get inspired! This is a 5-star island that is completely decorated for the holiday season with pumpkin set furniture and creepy items. The island has been illuminated by pumpkin lanterns, and you can find a pumpkin field waiting for a good harvest, a farmer’s market full of festive atmosphere, and a cemetery with a weird and horrible vibe, and a skeleton on the beach is having a barbecue party. If you do like to take a tour of some amazing Halloween theme islands, you can find more ACNH Halloween island dream codes here, with which you don’t need to spend any Nook Miles Tickets for visiting others’ islands.

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