5-Star ACNH Japanese & Natural Island (Street, Cafe, Pool, Wedding, Spring) - Animal Crossing Island Designs

11/9/2020 7:06:13 PM

This is a five-star island with both Japanese and natural style, filled with flowers, trees, and Japan-themed decorations. It features a slew of beautiful designs. First, you can go shopping in the small Japanese-style streets, and then take a break in the outdoor coffee surrounded by flowers. Pass a small bridge to reach the community swimming pool, where you can enjoy fresh coconut juice and iced drinks. Keep going, you will come to a romantic wedding scene. Don't forget to head to the Bamboo Forest in the end, where there are comfortable campsites and hot springs waiting for you. If you do like this type of design, get more 5-star Japanese Island Dream Codes, with which you don’t need to spend any Nook Miles Tickets for touring.

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