ACNH Crescent-moon & Star Deck Design - Best Animal Crossing Courtyard Design Ideas

8/4/2020 1:37:24 PM

Ever wanted some extra outdoor space? You’ll need to invest some money in a deck, interstellar theme deck with crescent-moons and stars is the most popular idea. Put Lunar Surface down and then add matching the outdoor furniture you want and the same theme decorations such as Throwback Rocket! Customize the crescent-moon chairs to your favorite color and then scatter star fragments everywhere. It is not only could be a stargazing deck, but also a nice place to hold birthday party.

This one might be a little bit difficult to do because the star-crafting recipes are hard to get. Our tip: visit islands with Celeste because she'll give you a recipe no matter what island she's on. If you still have a hard time, just buying the theme items from AKRPG.

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