ACNH 5-Star Asian Japanese Zen & Cottagecore Island (Bamboo Garden, Chinese Restaurant) - Best Animal Crossing Designs

1/25/2021 6:35:26 PM

This is a chill and Asian countryside island with a Japanese Cottagecore vibe, features a Zen courtyard, a Bamboo garden, a Chinese restaurant. Secondly, the island is also mixed with other natural elements, such as fountain parks and modern museums. The creator used Zen Fence and Imperial Fence to create a number of small areas in Japanese and Chinese styles. Bamboo and bamboo furniture are cleverly placed in these small areas, creating a strong Zen Cottagecore atmosphere. In the open-air Chinese restaurant, royal furniture is perfectly used. On the other side of the island, we can also see a museum that uses Egyptian pyramid objects to create an entrance. Of course, you can also find the beauty of the city park here. All ACNH items used in this ACNH island design can be bought at the cheapest prices from AKRPG.COM.

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