ACNH Fairycore Spring & Summer Island - Swimming Pool, Candy Stall, History Exhibition Area, Cafe

2/17/2021 9:50:35 AM

Welcome to check out our ACNH island design ideas, this is a fairy style island for Spring and Summertime. Enter the island, a Candy Machine and a Cotton-candy Stall are catching your eyes. After the entrance, there is a garden full of Pink Windflowers, Purple Mums, and Pink Roses. The players created a lifelike swimming pool under the waterfall, a Garden Faucet, and Pool added. Next to that, three Beach Chairs are placed for having a rest. On the plaza, K.K. Slider is performing his songs. Walk across the bridge, there is an Outdoor Bath. On the beach, you can see a Bonfire area, which is perfect for revelry. What's more, a history exhibition area some items with a long history like Sphinx, Tower Of Pisa. Continue the island tour, the coffee shop contains a bunch of AC New Horizons items and custom designs.

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