ACNH 5-Star Tropical Resort Island Tour (Cafe, Swimming Pool, Museum) - Best Animal Crossing Island Ideas

2/15/2021 4:12:30 PM

This is a charming cozy natural resort island with a heavy tropical theme in Animal Crossing New Horizons. There are some stunning attractions on the island for tourists and visitors alike, such as the outdoor swimming pool, beach bathtub, cozy downtown including the general store, tailors, and cultural heritage museum, tropical outdoor cafe, many secluded beaches to explore including bonfire camp, and multiple rustic hiking paths and nature walks. A tropical-themed beach lounge area is located on the southeast corner, a great place to hear the tropical music and the waves of the ocean while you're relaxing on a beach towel. The island town is fully decorated with enough open spaces to walk around, and you don’t need any Animal Crossing tool to assist you to discover any corner of the natural tropical island.

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