Best ACNH Spring Japanese City Design (Street, Zen Garden, Cafe, Residential Area)

3/8/2021 7:42:48 PM

Welcome to the relaxing natural Japanese Town, a chill and dreamy island that's stuck in the Japanese city theme. Japanese famous town- Sapporo inspired, wistful beauty surrounds you as you explore this lush urban paradise. This island surrounded by natural beauty includes mainly the villager residential areas and features some iconic buildings and areas such as Zen bamboo garden, Japanese streets, shopping district. Take this moment to snap some photo's in Rock Garden. Going left leads you to the museum and outdoor Cafe. Walk over the land bridge, and head down the stairs, the path spits you out into the beautiful Japanese-style neighborhood and eventually. If you want to build up a Japanese theme island on Animal Crossing New Horizons, get ACNH theme packs that will make your progress easier and faster.

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