Beautiful ACNH Japanese Village Island Tour - Best Island Design Ideas In Animal Crossing

12/7/2021 10:32:12 AM

You probably never been to Japan before, but you can have a tour of our most beautiful Japanese town in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This is the ACNH best Japanese themed island design ideas, the terraforming and layouts of this rural Animal Crossing Japanese island from the entrance to the garden were the same aesthetic as the local scenery. First, we step into the greeny zen garden, where planted Bamboo grass, Bamboo Partition and Bamboo Tree. There are traditional Japanese inspired ACNH items, Screen, Paper Lantern, Fall Elaborate Kimono Stands, Stone Lion-dog, Gong and Pagoda showcased to the public when players visiting this ACNH Japanse style island. Go further, you will be fascinated by these gorgeous Animal Crossing Japanese island designs, flowers, trees, bushes, mushrooms, bamboo shoots are everywhere. The best part of this ACNH Japanese town is the garden design, where thousands of  Hyacinths, windflowers and Mums are blooming. If you are fall in love with this wonderful Japanese cottagecore design in Animal Crossing, one ACNH nook miles tickets will take you here!

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